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If you think I am being unfair… think of this

This blog is now closed for comments.

The subject of CDD or DD is closed for good.

I have said my peace, and it seems I am just regoing over all the old stuff.  I have a busy and active live, and it is just so not worth my time to argue with those who are for CDD.

And consider this…

The things I put on this blog, are free to read.  I do not make money.

The things on the website that is for CDD, are not for free.  The most important material has to be purchased with money.

Access to all of the matieral on my blog is aviable to everyone.

Acess to the website for CDD is not avaible to everyone.  Most of the site can only be accessed by members of the site.

The information I presented was presented in a polite and loving manner – yet firm.  I did not insult, put down, or offend (on purpose) any group of people.  I did not name anybody as #1 public enemy.  I said what I believed, but even those who disagreed with me in comments, were responded to with love and respect.

The people who are for CDD did not do this.  Many of them sent nasty comments.  The CDD website lists feminists of their #1 public enemy, and they are not very nice or respectful or loving when addressing something they disagree with.  In fact they more often resort to insults and personal attacks, than logically, biblically, and intelligently debating the facts.  (This is actually the mark of somebody who doesn’t actually know what they are taking about and can not logically, bibically or intelligently debate the facts without personal attacks).

And so who is really being fair?

If I had actually posted alot of the comments I’ve gotten, those who say they are Christians would have been shown up to be nasty and miserable people.  It would not have been a good testimony for their group or for Christianity as a whole.  That is one of the reasons I didn’t post them.  The second reason = I have more to do with my life than argue with people I have never met.  To me it seems like a complete waste of time and energy.

With that.

Case closed.


Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 9 of 9


Now this is the last article I am going to do on punishment, discipline, CDD, DD or any of those other spanking things.


I will not be accepting comments about CDD or DD either.  I actually haven’t been for some time.  I don’t want to read the comments, deal with the comments or think about the comment.


I want to go onto something fresh, and something new.  Mostly likely something Biblical.


But all these websites that I am being made aware of because of this blog, are starting to wear on me, and I just don’t want to see or hear about it again.


Argue all you want.  I don’t care.  I will not be accepting comments on CDD or DD.  I actually think that many of these “women” who are writting me about CDD are either actually men, or are told by their men to what to write and where to write it.  In there eyes it seems better when the victum “agrees” with the victumizer.


I have decided that CDD, and those who believe in it are not worth my time anymore.


My final word = CDD is a sin.  Plain and simple.



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Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not? Part 8 of 9

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 8 of 9


To answer the question in the title, it was not sin, and it was not punishment.


In fact punishment wasn’t anywhere in this story of tragic loss.  He was given more than he had before he lost everything.  (Does that sound like punishment to you?)


Job’s three friends who spouted off lies, blame, and judgment continuously were not punished either.  They were just told they were wrong.


That’s it.


End of story.

Posted by: Thixia | April 29, 2008

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not? Part 7 of 9

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 7 of 9


Now why do I like this story.


For one thing it shows that the problems we endure in life are not always our fault.  They are not always a result of sin.  It may be because of something we do not or can not understand.


My mother’s friend had cancer, and she had some well meaning Christians come to her house and tell her it was because of sin.  If only she repented then she wouldn’t have cancer.


Sound familiar?  It sounds like Job’s friends doesn’t it.


But it is not because of sin, that we are brought trials.  Sometimes ya it is.  For example if somebody was extorting money from their employer and suddenly it was found out that that person had stolen over $1,000,000 from his/her employer, then the resulting problems would be because of sin.




If a person has cancer, finds themselves in a depression, loses a loved one, loses a job, gets in an accident, or any number of the ‘bad’ things that can happen in life, happens to them, it does not mean it is sin.  It could be.  But it might just be for some other reason that we don’t know about.  It might even be because that person is faithful to God, like Job was.


I don’t know why bad things happen, but I do know that it’s not always because of sin.


I also know that God is not happy with those who are quick to lay blame, as he wasn’t happy with Job’s friends.

Posted by: Thixia | April 28, 2008

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not? Part 6 of 9

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 6 of 9


And then He said to Eliphaz “I am angry with you and your two friends, because you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has.”  Job 42:7


So Job’s friends were wrong.  All they said was not right.  They blamed Job, but it was not Job’s fault.  His depression, his and his loss were not because of sin.


And then…


Job got more land, more power, more status, more family, more money, and more of everything else than he had before.

Posted by: Thixia | April 27, 2008

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not? Part 5 of 9

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 5 of 9


And so God came down and spoke to Job.


God asked Job just who he was that he could order God around, and if he happened to be there when the earth was created.


You see Job wanted God to answer to him, to tell him why he did what he did.


God is answerable to no one.

Posted by: Thixia | April 26, 2008

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not? Part 4 of 9

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 4 of 9


And then Job spoke.


He cursed the day he was born.  He cried out questioning why he was even born in the first place.  Job was depressed, and wishing he were never born.


And then Eliphaz one of Job’s friends spoke.  He spoke for 2 chapters of Job – a little more than a page.  But through all his ramblings one theme remains “Consider now: Who, being innocent, has ever perished?  Where were the upright ever destroyed?”  Job 4:7.


These friends were not the kind of friends anybody ever actually wants.  No they blamed Job.  They told him he had sinned, and this was why his life was taken away.  He must have sinned, and to have his life back, he must repent.  But Job knew there was no sin in his life.  He knew there was nothing to repent, and he knew repenting a sin that he didn’t do was worthless and silly.  Why try to appease friends who only wanted to lay blame, when he knew they were wrong?


Day after day they blamed Job.  Day after day they went through a list of the faults they thought he had.  Day after day they told him he was worthless, and deserved this punishment that God had given him.  Day after day they said “You have sinned and you are being punished”.  Day after day they told him to repent.


And day after day Job disagreed.


Job knew that God had taken all he had, and Job wanted to speak to God.  He pleaded with God, and cried out to God and asked to speak to him.

Posted by: Thixia | April 25, 2008

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not? Part 3 of 9

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 3 of 9


God said he could, but he could not kill him.


satan covered Job’s body with sores from head to toe.  Job sat in ashes and scraped his skin with broken pottery.  His wife said “Are you still holding on to your integrity?  Curse God and die!”  Job 2:9


But Job would not curse God.  Job would not sin.


Job’s three friends went out to Job, and sat with him in silence.  Nobody said anything for 7 days.



And in other news today, Job has lost everything.


You remember Job, he’s the land owner, who owns much of the land and employs most of the people in this area.  Well it seems in one day his children died when the house they were partying collapsed, his animals were killed, his house was destroyed, and his employees all died in raids, fires and collapsing houses.


He now sits in ashes, covered in soars.


Sources say even his wife has turned on him.


Three of his friends sit with him in silence, but inside sources say those three friends think it’s his fault.


Was all this a result of sin?  Was it punishment?  Answers to these questions and more, in updating news stories as more information become available.

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Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not? Part 2 of 9

Job: Was it sin and punishment, or not?  Part 2 of 9


Well satan did a doozy.  In less than a day he lost all of his servants, animals, and children.  Job was devastated but still he worshiped God.  He fell to the floor and said “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.  The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”  Job 1:20b


“On another day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and satan also came with them to present himself before him.  And the Lord said to satan “where have you come from?”  Job 2:1


God and satan had pretty much the same conversation they had had the other day, except this time satan asked if he could harm Job’s body.





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