Posted by: Thixia | March 15, 2008

The History of Spanking

The History of Spanking: 

During the time of Victorian England, the idea of “spanking” was derived.  Sailors, were “spanked” on their lower back right above the bum.

The place was choosen for two reasons.

1.)  There are no internal organs there.  It didn’t matter how long or hard a sailor was spanked, he would not be killed, and he could still return to duty minutes afterward.

2.)  They did not want to cause pleasure either.  The buttocks is an erogenous zone, and being spanked on the buttocks can cause pleasure, and even erection in men.  Wanting to punish, not please, sailors were spanked just above their bums.

But at that time children were considered “sexless”, and therefore incapable to getting pleasure from being spanked on the bum.  They were therefore spanked on the bum, not above the bum.

We know now that children are not sexless, and they can have errotic feelings when being spanked, yet we still continue to spank children on the bum. 

These feelings that are caused by stimulation of an erotic zone during punishment are confusing. (Stimulation of any erotic zone at any time is confusing and detrimental to children.)

These feelings of confusion cause problems in later life. 

There are men who can’t get an erection unless they are spanked first.  There are women who can’t get aroused unless they are spanked first.

Spanking in it’s very nature is erotic, since you are stimulating an erogenous zone, but spanking is also detrimental, as it can cause both physical and emotional damage (see my previous posts for more information).

We are now in a society that has an undercurrent of domestic discipline, ‘spankdom’ where people are wanting to be spanked as a necessity for sex.  They want to be dominated, hurt, and abused.

The reason I didn’t include Christian Domestic Discipline in the category of people wanting to be abused, is because in domestic discipline and spankdom, the spankee wants to be spanked?  In Christian Domestic Discipline, the wife does not want to be spanked, but thinks she needs to be spanked because she didn’t obey her husband.

It is not her choice.  It is abuse.

Do you see something wrong with this?  I do.


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